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Hey, I’m Aimee. 

I like funny people, crime dramas and twisty sci-fi, copious amounts of cheese and chocolate and New Zealand wines (not necessarily in that order).  I also like snuggling ALL the babies and hanging out with fun, stylish people who don’t take themselves too seriously....So much so that I built a business around it. 

I’m a lifestyle photographer, but what I’m really known for is my ability to tell authentic stories with playful images of family life and love.  My clients choose me because they desire a beautiful, natural, real account of their family’s story. 

My brand is hinged on my unwavering belief in the power of storytelling.  I studied psychology and filmmaking at uni and spent a decade in broadcast marketing.  Which tells you two things, 1) I’m slightly crackers and 2) the narrative truly matters to me.  

I believe that well told stories have the power to preserve, to empower, to heal and to connect.  And what’s more, I believe that real stories beat “perfect” ones every damn day of the week.  That's why I choose the beautiful authenticity of lifestyle photography over posed perfection.  If you're looking for perfectly posed with the whole family smiling at the camera I'm not the photographer for you.  But if you want stories with heart, soul and a whole lot of family love, please knock on my door.

I love working with relaxed creative people who appreciate the beauty of authentic storytelling.  You’ll know that’s you if you’re more comfortable in Cute Casual than Sunday Best and you feel just as at home tickling and rough-housing with the kids as you do curling up with Netflix and a big glass of wine.

Worried that your kids might not “perform” on photo day??  Don’t sweat it!  I have two gorgeous, messy, little firecrackers of my own - believe me I KNOW what it’s like!  And here’s the thing: I have no expectations of your children!!  All I want is for you to show up and be you.  And in return I’ll show you just how beautiful that is.


I’m a storytelling lifestyle photographer.  Let me tell your family’s story.


find out more about my style & process here or on my blog here.