Well Hello There Baby Benjamin!

Just recently I had the absolute delight of photographing little (well actually not really that little) Benjamin Kahu Newland.  This little boy is set to break some hearts one day, particularly if the cheeky charm of his older brother Luke is anything to go by (seriously, mum and dad, you’re in for trouble)!

Ben’s mum Nic is an old friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier to see her and husband Si with two such beautiful boys, especially knowing that it’s been a long hard road to get there. 

I also had the pleasure of photographing Ben with his loving nonna.  Truly is there anything better than three generations of gorgeous Italian genes in one room?

To Ben and Luke – I have no doubt you boys are going to grow up in a house full of love, laughter and delicious food!  I hope I get invited back to share in it! xx

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