Me oh Maia

Having the privilege of photographing a new born once is something lovely, twice is extra special.  

When I first met baby Maia she was a mere 2 days old, cute as a button and already giving mum Sorrel a run for her money with a hungry tum. Such a beautiful combo of sleepy and smiley, she really was a dream to photograph. Fresh 48 sessions like this have to be one of my favourite things to photograph. I mean honestly, who can resist the intoxicating smell of freshly baked baby?!


It was so lovely to be invited back 2 weeks later to photograph Maia happily settled at home under the watchful eyes of her big brother Carter and Yoda, the family dog.   

Hayden and Sorrel – you’ve got it made if things are as smooth sailing in future as they were this day with your calm, content little girl.  Although I suspect, if my own daughter is anything to go by, it’s the calm and quiet ones you need to keep an eye on… 

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