What to photograph in baby's first days

I’ve just been planning a friend’s baby shower. Which of course required a Pinterest board.  Yep, I’m that girl.  Anyway, after searching for baby shower inspiration for a while Pinterest obviously decided I was expecting and started dishing up lots of “what to pack for the delivery room” lists. 

Which got me thinking about my own list.  Not of clothes and lip balm and birthing wraps… but of what I think are the most important memories to collect in those first hours and days. 

Some of you may have chosen to hire a Birth Photographer (perhaps like the amazing Keri Anne of First Light), or you may be interested in hiring someone like me to do a Fresh48 session in the days after you’ve delivered (if so, yay!).

But if not, you might want to capture these memories yourself.  There are plenty of these “what pictures to take” lists out there.  It’s not an original idea.  But for what it's worth here's my list of memories to preserve:

Mum in her last moments as…not quite a mum yet

That's me - as captured by my husband

That's me - as captured by my husband

Baby’s first cry
Yes there are plenty more of these in your future but none of them will reach quite as deeply into your primal soul as this one…

Proud spouse

It doesn’t matter how tired they are – they will still be beaming

The people that got baby there safely... extra points if you get a photo of them weighing baby!

In this case this is my own OB – Lord of the Delivery Suite,  Dereck Souter

In this case this is my own OB – Lord of the Delivery Suite, Dereck Souter

How & where they slept

Whether it’s in hands, on chests, in a basinet or over a shoulder.  

Details like hospital bracelets, prick-tested feet and milk spots.


Hands, feet, hats, toes.  They look so little, especially in big grown up hands.  This is a great one for when the grandparents visit.  Your newborn will look super tiny and fresh in time-worn grandad hands. 

First visitors (especially siblings and grandies)...


Because who can resist a squishy little squisher...

So whether it’s on your phone or a camera, these are what I consider to be some of the best memories to document.  But there are so many more!  For those of you that have been there and done that…what would you add to this list?  Comment below...