Love, laughter and lifestyle | Toby aged "-1day"

One of the great things about shooting lifestyle images is that my sessions take place, for the most part, in my clients’ homes.  It means that each session has a unique feeling, something born of having photographs taken in your own familiar surroundings.  And while not every image will directly incorporate the décor of the space, the mood and memories of the rooms still influence their occupants. 

So when I walked into the Collier family home, and saw rooms filled with beautiful warm light, and flashes of dramatic colour and pattern I knew I was in for a fun filled session.  There was laughter and tickles, and jumping on the bed and even Toby, just a day shy of being “full term” preferred the idea of party over sleep!  Luckily a few warm snuggles on big sister’s bed managed to lull him and I was able to get a few sleepy newborn shots too.

I hope the love and laughter that I saw in this home shows through in this series of images