Frequently asked questions...

What kind of photographer are you?

I am a Lifestyle Photographer and my style is relaxed, authentic, playful and natural.  I am passionate about lifestyle photography, which is about telling your story in a considered yet candid way. I aim to give each family a mix of life-inspired images along with more intimate details (e.g. close ups of hands, eyelashes, curls...) and plenty of warm, candid, genuine moments of emotion and connection. 

You don’t need to feel awkward in front of my camera - I will direct you a little in your interactions.  But it's important that you know I'm not searching for that "one shot" with everyone smiling at the camera.  We may get one of those along the way, but if we do it will be because it happened naturally, not because it was forced.  If you need a guarantee that you’ll get that one posed and smiling shot of everyone looking perfect then I am probably not the right photographer for you. But if you want honest beauty, genuine connection and a relaxed session, let’s get together!

My work has been described as light filled and focused on emotion and connection.  I have a clean, light editing style and I don't use props in my work (including my newborn sessions). 


I’m so glad you asked. Watch this quick video to find out…


Ah the all important question!  I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself. You don't need to go out and buy anything for the occasion, but following these simple wardrobe tips will make your images feel special:

  • Avoid logos, busy patterns or cartoon characters/pictures.

  • Think complimentary (not identical) when it comes to colour. Choose 2-3 colours for everyone to work with, and avoid being “matchy-matchy”.

  • Textures and layers are great (think cashmere, linen, cotton and flowy fabrics).

  • I love neutral tones or soft pastels - but ultimately you need to choose a palette you love.

  • I recommend premmie size bodysuits for newborn sessions (unless your baby is over 4kgs in which case a true Newborn size might be form fitting enough).

  • For your newborn session I recommend flowy tops or dresses or soft comfy knits. They flatter your shape and create a soft organic feeling.

  • Oh...and for in-home sessions don't forget to put a great bedspread on the master bed (I almost always shoot there). Choose something that compliments your outfits (if in doubt, go neutral/white).

For more inspiration, check out my PINTEREST BOARD.  Or these snazzy visuals...

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What if my kids won't listen/sit still/pay attention.....

I have kids of my own.  Believe me I KNOW what it's like!  But here's the thing - I have no expectations of your children!  If they are energetic kids who like to move and run and play, we'll do that.  If they're shy and need some help to come out of their shell we'll ease into it gently.  If they are exclusively into knock-knock jokes or will only smile and laugh if someone makes a fart sound - I'm A OK with that too.  Please don't feel that your children need to be perfect angels in front of the camera.  They don't.  They just need to be them.


I like to do newborn sessions when the baby is less than 2 weeks old.  However that is not a deal breaker as lifestyle sessions lend themselves well to older newborns too.  Newborn sessions fill up fast, so I do recommend you book your session as far in advance of your due date as possible to avoid disappointment. If you're booking a newborn session I will send you a detailed list on how to prepare for the session.  Please note that Newborn Sessions take place exclusively during the week as my few weekend dates are reserved for Family and Fresh48 Sessions.


The further out from your due date the better!  I tend to book up 1-3 months in advance, so the sooner you get in touch the better.

where will my session be held?

I am a natural light, on location photographer.  I will capture your family in the comfort of your own home or I can work with you to select the perfect outdoor location.  Newborn sessions are always held in your home.  I will email you with some pointers on how to prepare your home prior to in-home sessions.


As a natural light photographer everything hinges on daylight for me.  I schedule in-home sessions (Newborn or Family) for around 10am during the week and on weekends.  If you're keen on an outdoor session I recommend that we schedule it for what's known as "golden hour", which is the 60-90 minutes just before sunset.  This is the most flattering time because the shadows are long and soft (not harsh under eyes) and the light is deliciously soft, golden and warm.  Sunset times change a lot throughout the year, so you may like to consider doing sunset sessions with little ones between late autumn and early spring when sunset is earlier.


When you book I will send you detailed information about how to prepare yourself and letting you know how the session will run.

You'll just photoshop that out...right?

Please come to your session with the intention that what can be seen with your eye will be included in your photographs.  That includes toys, logos, prints on clothing and hairstyles. I do not photoshop, slim or liquify bodies, nor do I superimpose people or do head-swaps.  This is not to say that I don't edit your images!  Your gallery will be thoughtfully and professionally edited to ensure that you get the most polished and beautiful images possible, this includes removing or minimising blemishes that are really intrusive (think acne, cuts, boogies, and bruises).  I will also direct you into the best light and the optimal positions to flatter your body shape.  This is all part of choosing to have your family captured in an authentically beautiful lifestyle manner.

can I buy a gift voucher?

Choosing a photographer, especially for intimate Newborn Sessions, is a very personal experience.  It is important that the person who is to be photographed is comfortable with the style and nature of the session.  Often the voucher recipient does not have sufficient time to book their session in advance of their due date, which can lead to disappointment.  For these reasons I DO NOT offer gift vouchers.  Sorry about that folks!

I Just Want a Few Snaps OF THE KIDS - Do you offer mini sessions or holiday specials?

Sorry, I do not offer "mini-sessions" or "short sessions" as they are not conducive to my shooting style.


Your images will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery 3 weeks after your session.  When your images are ready you will receive an email link to the private gallery.  I offer simple, all inclusive collections where you receive all the high resolution digital files delivered via direct download along with a print release.  You will also have the option to buy a la carte products such as prints and albums.

How do you choose the images for my gallery and CAN I ASK FOR MORE IMAGES TO BE ADDED?

I look at every image I capture at your session and select the best images.  I am looking for images that represent both my style as an artist and your wonderful, unique family.   I guarantee a minimum of 45 edited images for Family and Newborn sessions and 30 images for Fresh48 Sessions (but there are usually many more than that included) and you can rest assured that I will not hold back anything that you might love.


Respectfully, no.  When you invest in photography you’re not just paying for a few snaps.  You’re also trusting the photographer’s creative vision and technical expertise. Please make sure you've viewed my portfolio galleries so that you're familiar with my creative shooting and editing style, after all this is a big part of what you're paying for and why you select a photographer!  You can find my Portfolio Galleries here:  FAMILY  |  NEWBORN  |  FRESH48

What does my investment cover?

As your photographer I provide a generous gallery of images. Your investment includes the on-location experience, my talent and time, and the high resolution digitals files from your gallery to keep and use as you see fit.  Travel to locations within 30 minutes driving of Three Kings, Auckland is covered in this cost.  Travel beyond this range incurs an added charge.

Your Investment is broken into two parts, a non-refundable retainer (required to reserve your session date) and a final payment due within 7 days of your session. Images are only released once the final payment has been made in full.   Read more about my All Inclusive Packages here.

How much does this cost?

Glad you asked!  My pricing can be found here.


Great!  Jump on over here and say hi.