Your family session

Thank you for choosing me to capture these special family memories!

My lifestyle family sessions are a wonderful way to capture the memories your family is making.  My sessions are relaxed but a little preparation goes a long way to making sure things are stress free.  Below you will find advice and information on what to expect and how to plan for an enjoyable session.

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confirming your booking & planning your session

To confirm your session and secure your date you will need to pay a retainer and sign a Client Service Agreement.  These will be sent to you via email.  The retainer is a non-refundable sum that secures your date.  The Agreement outlines the terms of our relationship, details copyright in relation to your images and includes a model release.

With those details out of the way, I'd love it if you could then take a few moments to complete my session information form here. This short questionnaire really helps me to prepare for our time together. 

If you need to get hold of me I'm on 021 806 521 or

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Preparing for your session

Lifestyle photography is unique because it captures your family, as you are in this moment.  I aim to capture the essence of you and your children in a relaxed, genuine and authentic way.  Regardless of whether your session is in your home or at an outdoor location we will work with the best available natural light (that means no artificial lights or flash).

What to Wear
I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself.  You don't need to go out and buy anything for the occasion, but here are some tips to make sure your photos feel special:

  • Avoid logos and heavy graphics on t-shirts and please avoid fluorescent colours, particularly for shirts, as these create a visible colour cast on skin in photographs.

  • To avoid being "matchy-matchy" think complementary, not identical, when it comes to colour. Choose 2-3 colours for everyone to work with. I also really love a neutral colour palette.

  • Textures and layers are great, especially when the weather is unpredictable.

  • A friendly note to parents of little girls. If your little girl will be wearing a skirt or dress I recommend spanks or shorties underneath – that way we can avoid having to stop to cover exposed knickers.

  • Watches can be very attention grabbing in a photo, so I always recommend removing those.

  • Still looking for more advice? Check out my Pinterest board.

Here are a few additional wardrobe tips specifically for Outdoor Sessions:

  • PLEASE leave bags and sunglasses in the car - we will move around a lot and they end up being one more thing to carry.

  • I adore romantic photos of windswept hair blowing in the breeze, but if you are worried about loose strands across faces then I recommend that you bring hair ties to tame long hair.

  • Please ensure you bring enough warm layers for everyone. As we shoot most outdoor sessions in the early evening it can suddenly get cold. You may also like to bring a warm blanket that you're happy to have photographed wrapped around the children.

  • If you would like to bring a rug for seated photos, think about bringing something neutral or in keeping with your clothing scheme.

Preparing your children

You can prepare your child by telling them a friend will be taking some photos of you and them. It’s always best not to spring it on them unwarned!

To get the most out of our session make sure that your little ones have rested and had adequate snacks and water. "Hangry" children have short attention spans!

Kids aren't usually fond of being told to pose or smile.  So it’s best if we just give the children time to relax and capture their natural movement.  I have no expectations of how your children should behave and I won't make them do anything they don't want to.  My philosophy is to go with what they're comfortable doing and gently guide that towards a directed photograph.  So please don’t worry if your child is active or exploring, and don’t feel you need to make them look at the camera!  

Preparing your home for an INDOOR Session

There’s no such thing as a perfect home and we want to capture your family as you are, so don’t stress too much. However de-cluttering by putting away items that are distracting in a photograph is a good idea. Think remotes, small electronics like alarm clocks and iPads (especially anything with cables), discarded dishes and laundry.  A nicely made master bed with de-cluttered side tables is always a great help as I often use the master bedroom for family shots. 

I may need to re-arrange furniture a little when I get there to give us more shooting angles.  

We will shoot with your overhead lights turned off.  So please resist the urge to flick them back on during the session! Instead remember to throw open the curtains and let the natural light in!  When I arrive I will look around your home for the best lit areas. Typically I use the master bedroom, lounge and children's’ rooms.  

Preparing for your OUTDOOR Session

There’s very little prep for you to do other than to ensure you leave enough time to make it to your session location. Believe me I know what a military exercise it can be trying to get out the door with little ones, but as my sessions are often planned based on available light it’s important that we start on time. So give everyone ample warning.

PLEASE leave strollers, bikes, scooters, helmets and bags in the car. We move around a lot and if you bring them out with you chances are we’ll struggle to drag your little ones away from them!

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What if it rains for our outdoor session?
When we book your session we'll discuss how I use natural light and what this means if the weather decides not to play ball!  We will need to pencil a back-up date in the event of rain.  

Can we make our outdoor session earlier in the day?
I'm a natural light photographer, which means I'm acutely aware of the strength, direction and type of light we have to work with.  As well as the shadows that light is casting.  In the middle of the day the sun is high in the sky and casts very hard, dark shadows down the face (not very flattering).  It's not until the sun has come very low in the sky that the light becomes softer, warmer and more flattering.  This is why I prefer to schedule my outdoor sessions for what's known as "golden hour", which is the 60-90 minutes prior to sunset.  At this time of the day we have the flexibility to shoot into the sun, move around without shade and still get beautiful flattering images.  

It is entirely possible to shoot at other times of the day, however we will be much more limited in how and where we can shoot and this will affect the variety of images you get.  If this is really important to you then please just let me know.

What if my kids won't listen/sit still/pay attention.....
I have kids of my own.  Believe me I KNOW what it's like!  But here's the thing - I have no expectations of your children!  If they are energetic kids who like to move and run and play, we'll do that.  If they're shy and need some help to come out of their shell we'll ease into it gently.  If they are exclusively into knock-knock jokes or will only smile and laugh if someone makes a fart sound - I'm A OK with that too.  

Please don't feel that your children need to be perfect angels in front of the camera.  They don't.  They just need to be them.

Will we get a picture of all of us smiling at the camera?
Maybe.  Maybe not.  If we do it will be because it happened naturally and not because it was forced.  My style is relaxed, largely unposed and more 'gently directed'.  I will lead you towards good light.  I will let mum know if she's holding her chin in an unflattering way.  And I will gently coax children into the same frame.  What I can guarantee is that you'll get beautiful and authentic pictures of your family enjoying each other's company.

If you have other lingering questions check out my full FAQs page, or drop me a line

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After the shoot | Payment, Galleries & Social Media

Following your session you will receive an email containing the invoice for the remainder of your session investment.  With this invoice paid you will be able to view and enjoy your images as soon as they're ready!

I know you can't wait to get your hands on your beautiful family photographs!  Your private online proofing gallery will be ready approximately 3 weeks after your session.  As soon as your gallery is set up I’ll send you an email containing a link, password and instructions for viewing the images, as well as an Order Form and Online Ordering Guide to help you make your final print and product choices.

My social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), blog and website are all vital business tools for me.  90% of my business comes from word of mouth, so I love being able to share images and client feedback on these platforms. Your client service agreement constitutes consent for me to publish images from your session on my blog, website, and social platforms.  If you do not wish to have your images included in such portfolios please let me know in writing.