Your FRESH48 session

Congratulations on your impending arrival and thank you for choosing me to capture these special memories!

My Fresh48 or “just born” sessions are a wonderful way to capture these incredible early moments.  My sessions are very relaxed but a little preparation goes a long way to making sure things are stress free.  Below you will find advice on what to expect and how to plan for an enjoyable session.

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confirming your booking & planning your session

To secure your session you will need to pay your session fee and sign a Client Service Agreement.  These will be sent to you via email.  

Your Session Fee is non-refundable, however if for any reason your Fresh48 session can’t go ahead, the fee can be put towards an in-home Newborn Session instead.  The Client Service Agreement outlines the terms of our relationship, details copyright in relation to your images and includes a model release.

With those details out of the way, I'd love it if you could then take a few moments to complete my session information form here. This short questionnaire really helps me to prepare for our time together, especially if older siblings are to be involved. 

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When baby arrives (YAY!)

When you book I will ask you for your estimated due date and from this I will pencil in an approximate session date.  When baby finally makes their appearance I'll need you to contact me as soon as possible.  

My mobile number is 021 806 521 and my email is You might want to put those in your phone now.

Fresh48 sessions take place within 48 hours of baby’s arrival, at the hospital, Birthcare or in your home if that was your delivery space. If you have time (and the presence of mind!) it's best if you can contact me when you go into labour so that I can pre-empt your session. Then contact me again as soon as possible once you're settled into post-natal care. Don’t forget to let me know your room number!

When I have heard from you we will confirm your session date and time.  I typically schedule Fresh48 sessions for mid morning, but the exact timing will be dependant on my availability and where you’re staying.

Auckland Hospital’s maternity ward allows “family visitors” from 11am. Birthcare Parnell allows visitors from 8am in Private rooms and 2pm in shared rooms. Please note that due to privacy a Fresh48 session may not be able to go ahead in the event that you have a shared hospital/birthcare room.

If you have older children this might mean that you will need to think about taking them out of school/kindy for the day.

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preparing for your session

Fresh48 sessions take around one hour. I will photograph your sweet newborn and family in a relaxed and organic way, following baby’s lead and taking time for feeding breaks and anything else required.  I'll talk you through my typical shooting flow when I arrive, but every baby is different. 

Preparing the space
I work entirely with natural light.  When I arrive we’ll turn off the overhead lights and I will look for the best light.  In post-natal or hospital suites this is often just one small window, even in shared rooms. If you are in a shared room/suite, we may need to move to one of the visitors lounges to get next to a window.

I totally understand that you've JUST had a baby, so the last thing I want you to worry about is cleaning up!  I want you to be able to relax. I am used to the disarray that comes with a newborn!

Preparing your baby
I have no expectations of you or your new baby. In these early days feeding and sleep is erratic - so please don’t be disappointed if your newborn doesn’t feel like sleeping when I’m there.  The most important thing is that we beautifully capture this time in your life regardless of whether baby is asleep or wide eyed.

Preparing siblings
I know what it’s like to have a newborn, and what a big change this can be for older siblings. I won’t force them to do anything they don’t feel like doing.  You can best prepare siblings for the session by telling them a friend is coming to take some photos of your family.  It’s always best not to spring it on them without warning! 

What to wear
Once again, I understand you have JUST had a baby and you probably don’t feel your best. So I want you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. That may be the feeding tank you have on for these early days. Alternatively, you may like to wear something flowy to flatter your post-baby body.

I recommend neutral colours.  I especially love soft neutrals like white, cream, oatmeal, grey and charcoal - and I also love soft pastels for newborn shoots.  Whatever your colour preferences, simple, solid colours look best on parents, children, and newborns. Please avoid logos and strong graphics on shirts - these can be distracting.

I love textures and layers such as open sweaters over soft neutral layers.  For a sweet, soft look, think about textures like mohair, cashmere and linen, or soft flowy fabrics.

I prefer dad to wear a plain, solid or neutral colour t-shirt or sweater (if he likes that style!).  Watches can be very attention grabbing in a photo, so I always recommend removing those.

Remember these are just tips. I absolutely understand you will have just had a baby and I want you to feel as beautiful, yet comfortable as possible - so whatever works for you is fine by me!

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After the shoot | SNEAKS, Galleries & Social Media

Within 24 hours of your session I will provide (via text or email) at least one edited image ready for you to use in birth announcements should you wish to.

I know you can't wait to get your hands on your beautiful family photographs!  Your full private online gallery will be ready approximately 3 weeks after your session.  As soon as your gallery is set up I’ll send you an email containing a link, password and instructions for viewing and downloading the images, as well as ordering prints should you wish to.  

My social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), blog and website are all vital business tools for me.  90% of my business comes from word of mouth, so I love being able to share images and client feedback on these platforms. Your client service agreement constitutes consent for me to publish images from your session on my blog, website, and social platforms.  However I totally understand if you're a little "online-shy".  If you do not wish to have your images included in such portfolios please let me know in writing.