If your LinkedIn Profile is a phone snap with your friend cut out or a wedding photograph because that was the last time you paid a professional photographer then it's seriously time to update!

Show your clients and customers who you really are with relaxed, lifestyle head-shots taken in your office environment or against a simple background.



I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself.  Choose an outfit that makes you feel a million bucks: your favourite colours, best cut jacket and most flattering shirt.  Here are some additional tips:

  • Avoid super busy tight patterns (like tight paisley, chevron, tight thin stripes or zigzags) as these play havoc with the camera.

  • Avoid logos on shirts and please avoid very bright/fluorescent colours as these create a visible colour cast on skin in photographs.

  • Ladies if you're going for a soft approachable look think soft (not stiff) fabrics for blouses. Or textures and layers like mohair or cashmere with silk or cotton.

  • Gents, for an approachable relaxed look try removing your tie and going for an open necked shirt under a blazer.

  • If you're worried about colour, play it safe with a neutral palette. Think whites, creams, greys and navy.

  • Black on black is fine, but it works best when there are textural differences to break up the silhouette.

  • Ladies, don't forget hair and make-up. Bring whatever supplies make you feel amazing! Style yourself as you normally would (there's no need to apply extra heavy make up).

  • If you wear glasses please let me know if you're comfortable with them off. Reflective lenses can be tricky to shoot around in natural light, but we'll do our best if you can't be without them.


Please come to your professional portrait session with the intention that what can be seen with your eye will be included in your photographs.  I do not Photoshop, slim, swap or superimpose bodies.  BUT this is not to say that I don't edit your images!  Your portraits will be thoughtfully and professionally edited to ensure that you get the most polished photographs possible.  This does include removing or minimising blemishes and some natural looking skin smoothing and wrinkle softening.  I will also direct you into the best light and the optimal positions to flatter your body shape.


Your images will be uploaded to a password protected online within 2 weeks of your professional portrait session.  When your images are ready your organiser will receive an email link to the private gallery.  The gallery will contain 5-10 images for each individual.  All images will be provided in both web sized and print sized formats.